Trying New Flavours: Changing Your Go- To Dinner Recipes

Humans are creatures of habits. That is why the majority of single men and women out there have a limited repertoire of dinner recipes: soup from a can; grilled cheese sandwiches; instant noodles; takeaway. Even your ordering- in options are limited to pizza or Chinese food. In this age of global village connectivity, there are so many other choices out there. So here is a list of easy- to- make (or get) dinner options to diversify your palate:
Try Arabian Nights
Middle Eastern food is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world for its rich, full- bodies flavours and heavy meats. While proper Arabic food is as diverse as the number of countries it encompasses, there are certain dishes that are very easy to cook at home. If you are living alone in a single- room flat, try pita bread. Pita bread is like the pizzas of the Middle East. It’s a flat bread that is now available frozen in supermarkets. All you have to do is let it thaw and pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. It’s healthier than white bread and has a sharp, slightly tangy taste that goes well with fried chicken.
Spicy India Makeover
Indian food is very different from state to state. The more popular is arguably from North India. Very few Indian dishes can whipped up quickly; they are meant to cook slowly over a low fire so that the spices diffuse into the ingredients properly. So try Indian takeaway for dinner instead of Chinese.
Plenty of Indian restaurants offer the option of having your favourite chicken buriyani, butter chicken, Aloo Samosas and parathas delivered to your home. The best part about Indian restaurant at Windsor, Lutwyche, Gordon Park is that you get to indulge in all the flavourful curries and dishes and aromas without the mess created in cooking it.
Do Different Italian
Most people “go Italian” by ordering in pizza or going to a fancy Italian restaurant. Where’s the fun in that? There are many Italian dishes that can be made with a few simple ingredients, so why not try something at home? Grab some spaghetti or macaroni, plenty of diced or chopped (your choice) garlic, onions, basil and/ or oregano and olive oil. The proportion should be 1:3 of onion to garlic. Put the carbs to boil and temper the garlic and onions in olive oil until they turn golden. Once the spaghetti or macaroni is boiled, drain it and add the tempered garlic and onion to it. Salt and Pepper to taste. Mix well. Serve with cheese sprinkled over the top.
Say Konichiwa to a Japanese Dinner
Japanese cuisine is some of the easiest to make on your own as they have simple ingredients and even simpler preparation processes. The key to taste in Japanese food is fresh ingredients. For dinner, have rice and boiled vegetables with soy sauce. Cut cabbage leaves in large squares, carrots and radish in long, thin sticks and beans in halves. Serve in a large platter with a small bowl of rice. Drizzle soy sauce over the vegetables and serve. Voila! Your Japanese style dinner is done.