The Know How On Homemade Steak To Perfection

If you randomly pick up any recipe book, there is bound to be at least one recipe for the perfect steak. Old grandma recipe books which are passed from generations will contain plenty of recipes and methods to make the perfect steak. Nevertheless there is no one single method of achieving perfection and there lies many techniques in achieving them. No matter what the results is always mouthwatering.

Except for the Vegans everybody else loves steak; you simply cannot do without a hearty meal like a fiery grilled juicy and scrumptious steak. Pretty sure by now everybody is imagining a perfectly cut beef with juicy and crispy seared crust and perfect tenderness and heat on the inside. Read along to find out how you can prepare fine bbq restaurants in Melbourne quality steak from the comfort of your home.

It’s all in the cut

One way that many people fail with their grilled steak is due to selecting the wrong cut. When you work with a wrong cut that’s the start of many things going wrong. Always remember that selecting the right cut is crucial in obtaining that perfect juicy steak. If your choice of meat if beef, you need to select a perfectly cut tenderloin or go daring with some bbq ribs in Melbourne. Before you could start anything with the meat you need to pat dry your meat properly. The meat has to be on the dry side before commencing.

Go bold on seasoning

If you’re thinking about a touch of seasoning, you are indeed wrong! The steak needs more than a handful of seasoning that you will ever think. Shower seasoning powders such as salt and pepper from higher levels so that it would be evenly distributed over the meat.

Aim for the perfect sear

Best ribs are a possibility when heat is evenly and effectively distributed at the right time to the right places. First and foremost you need to extremely heat the pan that you are using before placing the meat. If the meat you are cooking is more than 2 inches thicker you will need to ready an oven or grill in manner where there is less direct heat.

Move on to the next step

Once you are happy with the perfect crispy sear, move it on to the oven or grill and cook it for either rare, medium rare or well done. Once done, let your steak rest. If you cut it soon you will be left with all the juices over the cutting board. Make sure you slice against the grain to get the perfectly juicy tender cut of the steak.