The Finest Of Everything

Water is the most necessary drink in the world; and no wonder, much of our globe is covered by it. Every living plant and animal need water to survive. There is no two words then that this is most important beverage in the world.
Surveys have proven though that the next favourite beverage of the human race, that is, a hot (or cold!) favourite of the bulk of the 7 billion of us on earth is the humble cup of coffee. Canberra, the capital of Australia prides itself of having an elite base of java lovers. We know them well.

Ours is a small business, equipped with the finest machinery and run by the most skilled professionals in the arena. If you own or run a cafe in this city and are in need of specialized beans or grounds with which to create and serve the perfect coffee in Canberra itself has no other establishment that could beat us at We may be small, but our beans come from the farthest and most exquisite lands where coffee plantations abound. We strongly believe and support small farmers (after all, we too are a small scale venture) and fair trade. Our beans come from the lush plantations in bustling Brazil, from the tranquil hills of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, from the hills of Kenya and from under the burning sun of Ethiopia. Yet other beans even originate in South and South Eastern Asia, where the brew is stronger and darker. Our expertise is in selecting and sourcing the best of the best beans that are grown on this earth. Our expertise is further stretched in creating our own cocktail of berries, which we blend according to tried and tested recipes. We then roast these blends in small batches.

Why small batches?
Small batches allow the roaster to be precise in the many factors that make a difference in the process, which in turn impacts the flavour of the end product once it is brewed. Temperature controls for instance, or the amount of time for which the beans are roasted, impact the amount of acidity and flavour that is extracted from the beans. Once these carefully roasted beans are ground, also to various degrees based on the purpose and the brewing method which will be used, the intended flavours and intensities come shining through. All our efforts and care, in ensuring that you get the perfect cup of Joe time and time again. If you are a wholesaler or a retailer based in the ACT, do get in touch with us for more details about our coffees, our services and our merchandise.