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Weddings, conferences, seminars, birthday parties, reunions and several other events each of them requires a location to be held in. If you feel the golf club can be the right choice for you then Carnarvon golf club is a perfect choice for you. Carnarvon golf club has all the elements that make it the perfectly befitting choice for any kind of event you want to host. 


Weddings are full of emotions and are a special time for the couples that they celebrate with their loved one. We here at the Carnarvon golf club have the wedding venues for you. You can have both the ceremony and the perception in one place, this way you will save your time for other planned activities and you will be able to enjoy your time. Our staff is highly considerate of all the needs and wants of our customer. When you have reserved us for your special day, know that your experience will be out if this world. 


Conferences are of various types and each requires different arrangement and environment. So, if you have a high-profile conference with a limited number of people, we have the board room available for you. If the conference is more open and has quite a several people attending it, then you can have the conference venues from Sydney with all the catering services available.


Seminars always have a larger number of people and it is to educate people about a certain topic and try to spread awareness. So, as we have the capacity for the 200 people you have a seminar with a larger number of people and relax about all the responsibilities you might think you have and focus on for what you have arranged this seminar. 

Birthday parties:

Both adults and children love to enjoy birthday parties. As we have both the indoor and outdoor setups for you, you can choose either according to your taste and your requirement. For kids normally the party is in light hours, so, if like the sunlight to kiss your child’s cheek then we have all the required fun activities for them like jump house. If you want to keep it inside due to the harsh weather, then all that can be arranged inside the building as well. 

Often people like to have children enjoying their time while their elders are doing so. Hence, we have the option to arrange the entire event for the kids and adults. We can have a separate secured place for the kids with all the fun things with healthy and fresh food according to the palette of the young one. Then you can enjoy adult time with your friend without any guilt.