Planning The Perfect Hens Party: Tips For The Bridesmaids

Ok, when you are chosen as one of the bridesmaids in your friend’s wedding (or even more, the maid of honor!) one of those big tasks you get apart from helping with the shopping and different tasks the bride will give you is to plan a Hens party. This might be your first ever planning or even the second or third, don’t fret we got you all covered. Check out the tips we came up for you in planning the best night ever for the bride.
Who is coming?
It’s about spreading the joy and having some fun as youthful girls. It’s not every day that the bride will enjoy fun girls nights out after she gets married. So give her an unforgettable night before she is taken away. It’s important that you invite her friends not her foes because you don’t want to mess up this night by inviting people she doesn’t like. Also make sure the number of people is fit with your budget.
Where are you going to go?
Whether you want to have the Hens party at one of the bridesmaid’s home or you want to take it to the german bar in Melbourne to have some drinks and indulge in some good menus, make sure they are all things that your bride likes. If she’s not a person who likes to go a bit high, then opt for a cool party in a lovely location with everyone. Check for all the special offers different restaurant will provide you with when it’s a special event like this. Plus they will also tailor make your menus to make it even more special.
Try to make a budget
It’s not nice to ask the bride to pay your bills so; this should be organized by the bridesmaids and paid by them. This is why it’s essential to find activities and places you can afford. List out all the things you want to do together and try to make a budget with all expected amounts so you have a clear idea on how much everyone needs to put in.
Any presents you will be giving?
Apart from all the organizing and researching for different locations to have the party, you will also want to look for some gifts for the bride and for everyone else as well. It can be necklaces, bracelets, DIY jewelry and much more. Or you can simply lift your treats a little bit more with some superb desserts and appetizers. Well, after all everything counts. Apart from those accessories, think about the essential things for the bride’s honeymoon. Some night clothes, bath kits and different creams and makeup sets can be simply perfect for her.