Planning A Surprise Party For Your Best Friend


If your best friend’s birthday is coming up, one of the best things you can do is to is to plan a surprise party for her. The number of things that you can do for her are unlimited. The first thing you will need to do is make a list of all her favourite things such as her favourite books, her favourite cuisine, her favourite movies and her favourite colours. When planning the surprise party, find ways to incorporate each of these elements in to the party to add that special touch. If she has a special diet such as a plant based diet, then one of the best things you can do for her is to have her whole party catered according to her diet by buying all of her favourite plant based ice creams, cakes, chocolates and desserts for the party’s dinner. If her dog or her cat is a big part of her life, then it would be a wonderful idea to have her party at a place where you can incorporate her dog or her cat at the party as well. A cat may be too scared to be around people and if the cat’s safety is compromised then it might not be the best idea to bring him along however with a dog, this issue should not arise.

Party venue

Choose your party venue according to what you have chosen to do for your friend. As per the above example, if you are planning on getting her pet dog involved with the party then it might not be the best idea to have the party at her favourite five star restaurant with waterfront dining. Sydney does however have small party and function halls that will allow you to bring a pet to the event. Therefore you will need to choose wisely. Get to know a great restaurant that can also serve as a party venue right here

If however your friend does not have a dog, then you might be able to stick to having the party at her favourite place with waterfront dining. Sydney restaurants will often rent out the whole restaurant to you for your event free of charge if you can guarantee a certain number of guests. You will then only pay for the food you order.

Style of party

The kind of party that you will have will depend entirely on your friends own personality. If she is a quiet girl with a love for classical music, you will not want to throw a party with loud music and dancing. Instead, you could opt for a quiet dinner style party.