Organizing Your Office Trip

The task of organizing your office get together can be a complicated one as you will have so much to do within a very small budget. You will also have to choose a location that would not only be cheap enough for you to afford on your budget, but will be able to accommodate your entire group and this can be a difficult task.

Ways to save money

There will be many ways to save money when organizing your office trip. The first thing you will need to do is make a note of the budget you have been given and all the things that you have to pay for with that money. Some of the things you will need to cover are transport to the location, meals for each person three times a day and accommodation in addition to activities. You will need to make a list of how many meals you will need to organize to begin with and find ways to cut down on them. One thing you can do is to have the first meal that you will have on the bus as a potluck where each person brings a small snack from home that can be shared among the group. This will not only bring people together but it will also save you a lot of money in organizing meals for your whole group for that afternoon.

Activities for your trip

As you are on a tight budget, you are unlikely to be able to afford the best of accommodation and therefore it is best that you have as many activities as possible away from your accommodation where you only return back to sleep. In order to avoid investing in one more meal you can have team building cooking class in the backyard of your accommodation where the entire team works together to cook a meal together while those who know a lot about cooking teach those that do not.

A team building cooking class is a great way of bringing people together and enhancing the team building aspects of your team. In addition to sharing a meal together that the team has cooked together, the team will learn leadership qualities and also how to follow instructions when given them.

This will also save you money on having to buy a meal for the entire team. Similar to this, find ways of having activities that will benefit the team and also save you money. You could organize a hiking trip in the area on one of the days and have photography competitions as well.