How To Plan A Business Dinner Party

Hosting a business dinner party is a great way to bring together your clients and employees. A business dinner party should be both a formal and a fun experience. Planning a corporate party will require some effort since it is your business or company that is represented at the event. Planning to host a dinner can be stressful especially if you have limited time and a long list of guests to invite. If you wish to host a dinner party for your clients or employees, here are some guidelines to refer to when planning the event.

Consider the Budget
Setting a budget is the first step to hosting a dinner party. Without knowing how much money you can spend on the party, it will be difficult to move forward with other plans. When setting a budget, consider the guests you are hoping to invite, their expectations, the rental cost of the venue for the party, and the cost of food, beverages, music and table decorations. Make sure to delegate tasks to your senior employees to manage the party organization well.

Select a Suitable Venue
If you are hosting a dinner and dance for a large gathering, having the party at a hotel reception would be ideal since it can accommodate more people. If the dinner is for a few business associates of yours, consider making reservations at a brunch place in one of the prominent hotels in the area. Make sure the location is easily accessible and convenient for the guests. The location of the party will depend on the number of people you invite and the type of dinner party you want to throw.

Decide on the Menu
You need to decide what type of food you want to serve your guests. The menu should contain a variety ranging from sky bar in bangkok to Thai so that guests will have a better selection. Then you need to decide how you want the food to be served, whether it is going to be buffet style or serving at the table. Also, consider the type of alcohol to be served. Talk to your guests and find out their preferences.

Themed decorations can add glamour to the dinner party. Consider using candles, fresh flower arrangements and decorative centre pieces to embellish the tables. In addition, select a theme, a colour scheme and play lively music so that the business party will not look too formal. A business dinner party should be planned well for it to turn out perfect. Follow these steps when planning your next corporate event and make it a memorable night.