Going Back To School

Many people dread going back to school after holidays. This means no more free time just to lie around and play with friends and more work. However going back to school is not all bad there are many things to look forward to and many reasons to be upbeat and happy about it.

Meet your friends

The best part of going back to school is that you get to meet all your friends all most every day. After an extended break catching up with friends can be great, you’ll can tell each other what you’ll did during your holidays and you may hear great stories about how your friends went abroad and may also learn new things about different places. Also there may be new kids who join school, it is always exciting to make new friends and learn things about them.

Buying new things

Another exciting part of going to school is that you get to buy new things. You get to buy new stationary and books which can be very exciting especially for young kids. You can also go out and get a new school bag which can take a lot of time so you can keep yourself occupied during the holidays. You can also buy frank green cup that you can used to drink in school. These consist of smart cups that are made from high quality materials which are stain and odor resistant. These will also come in variety of colors which will make it exciting for people especially kids to choose from. Kids may also have to get new clothes, almost everyone loves shopping and now they have a reason to go shopping and this is thanks to school.

You will be occupied

Holidays are great because you do not have to study or do homework however by the time holidays are almost over you have done everything that you wanted to do and now you are restless. School will keep you occupied and you won’t be bored at home.

You won’t skip breakfast

During the holidays there are many times that you will sleep until lunch time and miss out on breakfast. With school you won’t miss out on a tasty breakfast and this will be better for your health. For breakfast it will be good if you eat from healthy gift baskets before school so that you can get all the nutrients and energy that you need

This will enable you to concentrate and work harder for longer periods of time. You will also be able to retain more information for longer periods.