Gift Suggestions For Someone Who Enjoys Their Beverages

Gift giving is a trick that needs to be perfected. And the funny thing is, though it makes it easy to buy a gift when you know the gift receiver, if you know them too much or like them too much, then your task only gets harder. This is simply because you try to find the perfect gift. But regardless, buying or giving gifts cannot be avoided. If you are hunting for a gift, and if your gift receiver happens to be someone that enjoys his or her beverages, then the below gift suggestions may work perfectly for them…

  • Gift vouchers from their favorite coffee place – now, this is a simple gift suggestion suitable for a casual friend or a work mate. It’s inexpensive, and a little impersonal; but at the same time something they can enjoy. So, it’s a great option to gift to a colleague you don’t want to give the wrong impression to.
  • A bottle of their favorite wine – enrich wine cellar in Thailand by adding to it. If you don’t mind spending a little more, then buy them a bottle of their favorite kind of branded wine. This is an especially great gift option for a house warming party, or even a fancy dinner party. Remember to doll it up so it looks great too!
  • The dream coffee machine they always talk about – perhaps your gift receiver is someone a little more special; like your parents or a favorite aunt or uncle. For people who are closer to your heart, you generally don’t mind splurging. In that case, think of their favorite beverage, and look for a machine/way that guarantees to deliver it to them whenever they want. In the case of an avid coffee drinker, you could get them a fancy coffee machine (like the rocket espresso machine) or pay ahead at their favorite coffee place so they can enjoy it whenever they want.
  • A box full of specially blended coffee – most people tend to experiment on their brands and blends of coffee, only until they find the right vedrenne caramel syrup that suits their pallet. If you want them to explore further, gift them with exotic and special blends of coffee. These can be bought online too.
  • Beverage related wall décor – make your gift last longer by making it something your gift receiver won’t drink up. Make it something more tangible, like beverage related wall art, frames, clocks and other wall décor options that are widely available now a-days. Our favorites are the wine bottle wall plant holders and coffee clocks!