Event Planning Mistakes To Avoid

If you are an event planner, you need to be able to carry out an entire project as smoothly as possible. Events have so many little details to focus on, that you can easily get frustrated. When organizing events, there will of course be minor mishaps, however major ones cannot take place at any cost. Once the damage is done in such events in which the client’s reputation is involved, there is no turning back. One small mistake will create a chain reaction, and in no time, your event will be falling apart. So here are some major mistakes to avoid, for a smooth event.

  1. Not allowing enough set up time

It is your responsibility to set up all elements needed for the event and any delay will delay the whole event. Hence, estimate how much work you have, how long it take to finish each task and long you will need in total to set up and communicate to the workers accordingly. From arranging seating, fixing the sound system, looking into the buffet, preparing the space for the custom made cake from the right cakery Auckland etc. are important aspects to look into. Imagine if you still haven’t finished and the guests start coming in? Your client is going to be furious! If you delay in the beginning of setting up, you will do them in a hurry to finish on time. And in the middle of the event, the projector will stop working or the sound system will not work etc. To avoid these, start setting up early and do a complete round check.

  1. Not scheduling a walkthrough with clients

As the event planner, you will look into everything but the hosts are your clients. They need to know exactly when to do what. For example, the couple should know when to cut the wedding cakes Auckland, when will the first dance be, when will the toast happen, where will the dance floor be built etc. Of course emails and phone calls can give them information, but it is essential to take them around the venue on or before the event day and show the floor plan and agenda.

  1. Forgetting to confirm your vendors

Your vendors may have so many orders to complete and hence they could easily forget about your order. call them about a weak back and confirm the contracts made. And then ask for confirmation letters or emails at least 48 hours before the event. If your caterer doesn’t show up, what a bad situation would you be in? So to avoid it, confirm each vendor.