Drinking Green For An Overall Healthy Life

Pretty sure that you already know about green tea and its wonderful benefits. But in this article we will open you to some other aspects of drinking green tea. It’s not only beneficial and great way to lose weight but it helps you in so many ways. So, take a look and start drinking your cup of tea in a green way.

It’s amazing for Oral health

Brushing and flossing is great but to give it a little boost green tea is a super addition. Catechins and polyphenols in body slim tea help to kill bacteria that affect your oral health. A confident smile is a great mirror of success and don’t even hesitate for a moment to smile and laugh because of bad breath. Just like you use mouth wash, this too will help you heaps in keeping up good oral health.

Keeps you away from diseases

You know what follows after excess body weight. Health conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol are some of those sicknesses that can make the rest of your life a medicine-depending one. So, while you consume a healthy diet rich with vegetables and fruits, your cup of tea will give you another important supplement. Antioxidants are greatly packed in your green tea bag.

 A great backup for your workouts

 Not only protein powder will help you when it comes to post workouts beverages but also a cup of green tea is amazing. Many of us are used to give ourselves a good treat after workout. And by treat many try to feed themselves with burghers and a handful of chips. Don’t let the efforts you took for the workouts go in vain. So, while you feast on healthy recipes like veggie omelets, sandwiches and yogurt with berries give yourself a boost with green tea too. It will help you to relax and strengthen your muscles with organic food weight loss diet.

Improves brain function

It’s not only Superfoods that help you to improve your brain function but also green tea will help you there. When you take mid breaks for lunch at your office treat yourself with a cup of green tea and experience the boost it will give you. This contains caffeine that makes your brain function in a great way. Plus you would feel relaxed and energetic than taking a cup of coffee full of caffeine. Another is that you will feel less tired and with that boost, productive outcomes are promised too.

So, instead of just pleasing you with the traditional tea do it bit difference because little things like this help you a lot in the long run. Specially in a time where people find it hard to hit the gym but still want to lose weight, simple changes matters a lot.