Different Types Of Cuisines

Each cuisine originates from various parts of the world. They reflect upon that particular countries culture and their native fruits, vegetables, herbs and meat. They have distinct ingredients from which they are constructed. Each cuisine has a unique way of preparing and delivering their food and might suit only a selected crowd. Cuisines are constantly evolving thanks to the development of food science and technology and now there are modern types of cuisines known as gastronomy which play with all the senses of man and it is a wonderful experience. But there are so many food blogger who love exploring cuisines and spend their life writing about them. Now many hotels make sure to cater to all cuisines as there are people from around the world visiting them and they need to make them feel like home. For each cuisine one could find hotel schools that teach one how to prepare and present a dish. Given below are a few types of cuisines that one could indulge in.

The Indian cuisine

The Indian cuisine originated from India and is now a famous cuisine eaten worldwide in many countries like Australia, Malaysia and even in the UK. The Indian cuisine is famous for all the spices they use in their curry.

Their curry has flavours of all dimensions and is thick and luxurious with the addition of coconut milk. The vibrant colours of Indian dishes are another main aspect of their cuisine. They also incorporate herbs into their dishes. All the ingredients used in the Indian cuisine are mainly the ingredients found all across India. Even the Indian cuisine is broken down into many branches. Punjabi, Rajasthan and Kerala are few of the many types of cuisines found in India. Visit this link http://tandooriflamesmelbourne.com.au/ for more information regarding the delicious curry in Melbourne.

The Japanese cuisine

The Japanese cuisine originates from Japan. Japan is covered by the ocean so one of their main aspects is fish and they prepare some delicate fish dishes known as sashimi. They also have the famous sushi that is now found around the globe. It is a rice dish wrapped around sea weed. Miso soup, tempura and pickled vegetables are also a very famous dish in Japan. Japanese also use various sauces to dip their vegetables and meat and a few of them are soya sauce and wasabi. In the Japanese cuisine they also make their very own wine and beer and one of which is called the ‘’sake’’.

The Greek cuisine

The Greek cuisine originated from many of the Mediterranean countries. They compromise of different types of eat from rabbit to pork and also different types of grains. They also include Mediterranean vegetables.