Diabetes! Hold On! I Can Tame You Now

I love day dreaming because most of the dreams that I have, I thought I will not be able to make them real. One of the dreams that I had was a life without diabetes. I really don’t need to explain the effects of this deadly serious sickness as most of us are going through the same condition. If we take a family, there is at least one person suffering from this life threatening sickness. Diabetes is a slow killer and has the ability to make influence for each and every corner and organ in your body. So, my experiences are always bitter and painful. If I went out for dining with friends and family, my heart is hoping for a sweet desert, but then again when I recall the doctor’s advice I just let it go with a sorrowful mood.
No breads, no sweets, no instant food and no sweetened drinks! No! No! No! Was the most common word that my doctor used when instructing me for a meal plan. This life is a pain and hard to survive and it is not worth to have it! This was the feeling that I went through. How desperate I was. Because I am a food lover. I admit the fact that my own doings lead me to this condition, but Oh.. God.. Give me another chance to make a better move.. I swear I am going to make it somehow.. This was my simple prayer which I used to murmur all the time… when I walked in to a restaurant.
One day a friend of mine came to me with a packed of flour. I said doctor wanted to restrict my all-purpose flour consumption so this is pointless. She said, that is for all-purpose flour, just try this out. She handed me over organic bakers flour in an affordable organic stores. I started baking my own breads, making my own cakes and biscuits with it, while I was continuing my other medications.
Organic bakers flour is a tremendously exciting substitute for ordinary flour. My reports started to become normal and under control condition. Still I have the benefit of enjoying all the flour based good quality food items but with a safer substitute that I can rely on.
Most of the diabetes patients are suffering not because of their sickness but mainly due to restrictions in selecting their meals. That is the hidden threat in this sickness. Simply you cannot expect your same ordinary life anymore. But not anymore, just think smart, now there are healthy choices which can let you experience the same living you had before.