Creative Cake Recipe Ideas – Kids’ Birthdays Celebrations

There are many occasions for which individuals bake or order cakes. For instance you might be hosting a congratulatory function, wedding and so on. On the other hand, there’s another special occasion that requires having it. That is, none other than children’s or adult’s birthday celebrations. These events are fun filled and most looked forward celebration in the yearly calendar. On the other hand, the food menu, including the cake for children’s parties are different to that of adult’s celebrations. Therefore, when you’re thinking of baking one for your child’s special day, you might be in search of creative recipes. Perhaps, you might want to try something new.

You could add some twists with the tastes and make something new that represents your child. Does your child love coconut or banana flavour mixed with chocolate? Or, you’re little one might enjoy different fruity flavours. Since you know what tastes that you child prefers, you could bake one with his favourite flavours and tastes.  With that said, here are some of the recipes that you could search online and make for your kid:

w  Banana split

Have you ever given a thought or seen a banana spilt kids birthday cakes in Perth creations taste just good. This is a creative, fun and unique choice that you should search about. You might be wondering how you could bake this? How does it look like and so on? Simply get a large and tall glass container and make the recipe for banana split. Light some candles on the top it and you have a messy, mushy and fun one.

w  Strawberry ice-cream

Most children love strawberry flavours in different foods and sweets such as ice cream, fruits, toffees, etc. Therefore, this is a fun and creative recipe idea that all the children including the birthday boy and girl would love eating. You could have layers of cake with strawberry icing in the middle and glaze with the ice cream outside.

w  Colourful lollipop garden

It’s a fact that, children love anything that is sugary and sweet. Therefore, to make the kids birthday cake really fun and interesting, you could try this out. You could use lollipops or different flavoured pop-up candies. The base of it could be anything from chocolate, ribbon cake flavoured, etc. Make it as colourful as possible so that, the children would be amused and excited.

There are many more choices available online for wedding cake toppers. You don’t have to necessarily strictly follow these recipes. You could add your own and personal twists to the flavours so that, you little one would enjoy it better. Add a lot of flavours, colours and decorations to the birthday cake for your child.