5 Best Pizza Places In Hong Kong

No matter where you are in this world, pizza lovers will always remain pizza lovers. It is one of the most popular foods in the entire world. Italy is known for their pizzas as it is their national food. If you are in Hong Kong and in search of great pizza places, here are the best you could find.

1. Paisano’sThis New York style pizza place was introduced to Hong Kong in 2009. In these few years, they have come up to the number one spot in the pizzeria list. They are known for their smooth crusts, thin centres and just the right amount of cheese going according to American style. They also serve sandwiches and other food items too. Situated in the heart of Central city, Paisano’s will undoubtedly provide the best pizza Central could offer you. This is an ideal restaurant similar to a weekend brunch central for families as the pizzeria itself is a family run business where they have made sure to maintain that family atmosphere in the restaurant.

2. Duecento Otto 208The Italian best pizza Central will offer you is from Duecento. This pizza place had that typical Italian feel with a traditional wooden interior setting, a custom built brick oven and also original Italian ingredients brought straight from Italy. These perfect pizzas will have that extra cheese you always wanted especially focusing on cheese lovers. This too is a great pizzeria for families, showing the real Italian values of family and friends, or you could even try out a weekend brunch central.

3. Pizzeria PubblicoThis pizza place was brought down straight from New York City by two youngsters named Todd and Rob. They made it a point to give that original American experience. With the checkered floor tiles and wooden tables it creates a scene as from an old movie which has attracted many customers to Pizzeria Pubblico till now. It can be a bit more expensive than the others but the quality is like no other.

4. Ziti’s Ziti’s is located in Quarry Bay, somewhat away from the city, but it will give you a really good pizza experience. It is truly worth going the extra mile as they offer that perfect super thin crust pizza topped with high quality ingredients to set your palate on a trip to heaven and back. Though the cheap plastic tables and chairs may fool you, be patient and look forward to the amazing pizzas they will provide you with.

5. Pepperoni’sThis is the best place for family dining in American style. The typical American red and white checkered table cloths will give you that international experience you have always wanted. They serve good food at affordable prizes and also are a main attraction among kids. They also serve pastas and burgers so if one of your little ones wants pizza and the other doesn’t, you have nothing to worry.

These places will truly satisfy your pizza craving taste buds if you are in search of a great pizza place in Hong Kong.